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Maximizing Long-term Evaluation to Shape Strategic Direction

Nexus Research Group was hired by a national think tank to provide long-term evaluation support for a national learning community designed to build the capacity of local leaders around the country to identify and improve social, economic, and environmental conditions that shape health.
Upon deciding that the lead division would spinoff to merge with another organization, the client secured NRG to provide strategic planning support.

By applying our extensive knowledge of the project, we were able to guide our client through a strategic planning process that resulted in the realignment of the project’s mission and vision to the body of work, as well as provide a clear blueprint for the re-launch of the effort at its new home.


Annie E. Casey Foundation
Atlanta Beltline Partnership
Atlanta Public Schools
City of New Orleans
Emory University
Future Foundation
Institute for Local Innovation
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Kellogg Foundation (via Institute for Local Innovation)

NeighborWorks America
New World Foundation
Partnership for Southern Equity
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (via BCT Partners)
Southeastern Council of Foundations
Surdna Foundation (via Institute for Local Innovation)
United Way
U.S. Department of Justice


Facilitating Meaningful Community/Government Partnership to Build Capacity

Nexus Research Group was hired by a national community development intermediary to oversee a multi-sector initiative designed to build neighborhood and organizational capacity through training, skill development and small grants. As part of this, NRG was responsible for facilitating ongoing engagement between the local government and community-based groups to support trust building, mutual agenda setting and co-creation of specific community-focused efforts.

With our support and in just two years, the partners were able launch a citywide neighborhood summit, mini-grants program, professional development workshop series and a neighborhood capacity building training program.

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Employing Data and Evaluation to Support Continuous Improvement

Nexus Research Group was hired by a national social justice organization to evaluate a major health-focused initiative. Early on, our team determined that the innovative nature of the project required a developmental evaluation approach that would allow our team to provide iterative feedback into the early stages of the work, which supported ongoing learning and continuous improvement throughout the pilot phase of the project.

The staff and consulting team’s commitment to this approach contributed to the project being selected for a Commitment to Action by the Clinton Global Initiative, a rare distinction for such an early stage program.


Affordable Housing 

Civic Engagement 

Community Building

Community Development 

Community Engagement

Community Partnerships

Early Childhood Learning

Economic Inclusion


Family Economic Success

Health Equity

Leadership Development

Public Safety

Racial Equity

Social Equity

Urban Agriculture

Voter Engagement 

Workforce Development

Youth Development

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Leveraging Multi-sector Collaboration to Achieve Regional Equity

Nexus Research Group was hired by a national community development organization to provide project management support for a regional social equity collaborative seeking to develop a comprehensive mapping project that used GIS, data and narrative to tell the story of spatial justice within that region.The primary goal of the project, which covered eight topic areas across 28 metro counties, was to provide regional stakeholders with an up-to-date, easily accessible, data-rich resource capable of informing the larger debate on how to create a more fair and equitable region.

Over three-year life of the project, NRG facilitated the engagement of dozens of partners, hired and supervised staff, managed numerous vendors, enlisted national experts and generally oversaw the completion of the first equity mapping project in the Southeast and one of the most comprehensive such projects in the country.

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